Cosmetic dental surgery can be very beneficial for a lot of people. A lot of factors go into consideration when deciding if a patient is a candidate for surgery. Motives for cosmetic surgery can vary, but it is important to consider all the risks and benefits associated with your particular surgery.

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Aside from just aesthetic appearance, cosmetic dentistry can have other major benefits. Improving your speech may be a reason to consider it. If you have tried things like dentures or braces, to fix a dental issue, you may have experienced discomfort and a difficult time eating. With a surgery like dental implants, you will no longer have these issues. Oral health may be another reason you consider having surgery. Surgery can remove decayed or beyond repair teeth and improve your long term health and oral hygiene. If the benefits of cosmetic dental surgery have you interested, it’s time to consider if you are eligible.

In most cases, a generally healthy person will be able to endure a routine dental surgery and heal quickly. You will be able to decide what type of sedation you would like and your options may vary depending on your level of health. Oral hygiene is very important both before and after surgery, especially after surgery. Your mouth will be very sensitive, but remember that it is a healing environment and will need to be a clean one. People that may not be a good candidate would be those who smoke regularly and often. Smokers are prone to periodontal disease, aka gum disease, and development of certain cancers among other health risks. A lot depends on the surgery, but with dental implants, the implant will need to integrate with your bone. By smoking cigarettes, you decrease your bone structure making it hard for this to happen. Others who may not be good candidates are those who suffer from chronic disorders like heart disease or diabetes; Regardless if you fall into one of those categories or not, if you are considering any type of cosmetic dental it’s best to book a free consultation where we would be happy to assess your needs.

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Porcelain Veneers may be something else that you consider, which is a lot less invasive. When the doctor applies the veneer, a minimal amount of your tooth enamel will be removed in order to make your tooth look as normal as possible. Veneers are used more often if your front teeth develop a poor shape or color. Remember that both of these procedures are permanent. Although you should never need to replace your dental implants, you may need to replace your veneers in the future.

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