What does invisalign/metal braces cost?
AThe costs associated with invisalign or metal braces can vary depending on the severity of mis alignment. As general dentists we can offer extremely competitive prices compared to traditional orthodontic professionals without sacrificing quality of work or professional practice standards. We also offer no interest payment plans for those who may need it. To get a better price estimation for your specific situation setup a free consultation today!
Do I need to take time off work to have my procedure?
AAbsolutely not. Unlike many Dental and orthodontic practices, we are open on evenings and weekends. We are proud to be able to fulfill your dental needs without disrupting your work schedule.
Do you offer dental dentistry procedures?
AAbsolutely! Whether it is a basic cleaning, teeth whitening, cavity filling, or any other number of general dentistry procedures we have you covered. Why spend time and money travelling to different clinics when you can get it all under one roof?
Will straightening my teeth be painful?
AWe know the fears our prospective patients deal with when it comes to dental procedures. With the advances in technology and industry practices, having beautifully straight teeth and a flawless smile is less painful than it’s ever been before. In fact our patients are shocked at how simple and painless the entire process is after they learn what’s involved. Setup your free consultation today to get informed.

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